Southern Traditional Success Story

This project in Ocean Township presented many technical and administrative challenges, and it illustrates the creativity and determination Massaro Construction brings to bear on our clients’ behalf.

During the preliminary phases and for the first half of actual construction, our client resided in England. This meant we had to resolve many issues on their behalf and represent them in numerous settings. We reviewed the plans with the architects, proposed changes to facilitate construction, and kept the client informed via overnight packages and emails every step of the way. It soon became apparent that the client would need a variance to go forward with the project because of severe drainage issues on the property and the fact that we would have to alter the grade of the property itself. This was a lengthy and difficult process involving engineers, attorneys, architects, landscape professionals, and township Planning Board members. The client authorized Massaro Construction to act on their behalf, hire the necessary professionals, prepare the variance application, publish all the required legal notices, appear before the Planning Board on several occasions to present their case, and ultimately earn the town’s approval to proceed. It was an arduous and complex process that took a year to complete. And later, when all that was behind us, the real job had to start.

This was not an easy project. The home sits on a steeply sloped property with an extremely high water table. Essentially, we were building on an underground lake. This can be done, but it’s not easy. We had to design and get approval for a drainage and water removal system to make sure the water table would not impinge on or jeopardize the foundation. With the collaboration of our engineers, we designed a complex manifold of piping to mitigate the impact of the high water table. We had to direct the water into the township’s main drainage system and install extra water removal and seepage prevention measures to stop the water from entering the home. We did all this to the highest professional standards and to this day, not a drop of water has entered the basement.

The home itself was an exciting challenge for any builder. The property had to be graded to precision levels to meet the township’s requirements. The home itself had to be raised higher out of the ground than normal due to the site conditions, and given the steep slope of the property, it was much higher out of the ground in the rear than in the front. This could be unsightly, but with a cultured stone and brick exterior, the home presents a stunning appearance. Behind that beauty, however, is a massive amount of building expertise, steadfast determination, and creative infrastructure that let the home be built in the first place. We are proud of the final result and more importantly, our client is delighted with the grit and determination we demonstrated to get this project done at all.