Red Bank Veterinary Hospital (RBVH) Success Story

At the time we started work on the veterinary hospital, it was one of the largest animal facilities in New Jersey. When we were done, it was the most advanced and comprehensive animal treatment facility on the east coast.

RBVH was a large, single story structure before we began this process. The project entailed expanding the building on its west side to construct a concrete enclosed, linear accelerator (a radiation cancer treatment facility for animals). It involved removing the structure’s roof, building an entire second floor over the existing first floor, and renovating the first floor in its entirety. In effect, we had to build a new hospital with new surgical facilities keeping only a minor portion of the existing hospital intact. This was an already difficult project, but it was complicated all the more because the work had to be done while the hospital remained fully operational for 24 hours a day, every day. This was a potential nightmare scenario for any builder and any business.

This project entailed the type of planning, scheduling, and technical expertise that would stupefy most builders. Many would simply admire the problem from afar and walk away realizing that it was beyond their capacity. Others would run. Massaro Construction’s response: “We’ll make it happen.”

After receiving all zoning and building approvals (again, Massaro Construction gave testimony and provided critical assistance in obtaining the variance), we went to work. We meticulously protected the site from the weather; we hired additional framers and worked extraordinarily long hours to frame the second floor in record time; and we made sure the hospital never suffered any down time.

Once the second story was installed, we completed the interior fit out to essentially double the space. We then relocated certain functions from the first floor to the second floor and started renovations on the existing portion of the hospital. We did this in phases and in such a manner that none of the hospital’s capabilities were compromised at any point. When that was done, we went to work on the very intricate construction of the linear accelerator facility.

A linear accelerator is a device used to provide radiation treatment for animals. Since the radiation can reach levels that are extremely dangerous, the facility has to be encased in concrete. At some points, the concrete needed to be four feet thick with a concrete roof. It had to be reinforced in accordance with strict EPA guidelines, have lead lining, and undergo the most rigorous inspection and testing protocols imaginable. The task took several months, and while it was under construction, it looked like a gigantic maze of reinforced bars, scaffolding, and complex mechanical systems. At the end of the day, every inspection passed and the treatment center was brought on line. Not only that, the project earned a top award at the annual ceremony held by the concrete industry for exceeding the highest standards of the industry in its construction.

The point of this story is not to flaunt Massaro Construction’s expertise. We are good at what we do, and our clients know it. The bigger point is that we bend over backwards to meet our clients’ needs. In this case, we had to manage an extraordinarily complex project with exquisite attention to detail; we had to minimize the impact on the hospital’s operations as we did this difficult work; and we had to deliver a product that would stand as a model to the veterinary industry across the country. We did all that and more.