Classic Mediterranean Success Story

This home in Monmouth Beach is beautiful to look upon and even more stunning from inside. It didn’t get that way by accident.

Built on the water’s edge of the Shrewsbury River, the house and pool sit in a flood zone. The ground underneath is sandy and soft, which means it could not accept a standard foundation or basement. In order to support the home and pool, we had to drive over 200 pilings some 35 feet into the ground and build a foundation on top of and around those pilings. The trick, however, was to construct the home and make it seem like it had a standard structure and was not built on “stilts.” We achieved this, but we also had to raise the home higher out of the ground than normal to meet construction code requirements for the flood zone.

This is another case where the construction approval process hit several snags while the client was living in Puerto Rico. What to do? Massaro Construction worked with the architects and engineers to make sure the most rigorous structural requirements were satisfied; we assisted in the zoning approval process; and we kept the client informed of progress every step of the way. Once all the zoning applications and building permits were approved, we went to work. The client remained overseas throughout the entire pre-construction and actual construction phases of the project.

This home required extensive engineering and masonry skill. We had to hire pump trucks to pump concrete from the street to the footprint of the home, and we had to install a grade beam to support it. When that was done, we started framing. This was a complex process that included a great deal of radius work, but it was not nearly as complex as the “fenestration” or window system for the home. The clients wanted to take full advantage of the river’s view, so we installed a floor to ceiling, radius window and door assembly to provide a panoramic vista from the rear of the home. In addition to the window system, the home includes very high vaulted ceilings with a bridge or walkway across the second floor that offers a stunning view of the water.

During the year long construction process, the client remained overseas, and we communicated via overnight packages and emails. We sent them digital photos of the project and kept them apprised of our progress every step of the way. The client would fly in periodically to meet with us, view the site, discuss project issues, make decisions about such things as tile, marble, woodwork and other finishes, and assess the schedule. After all was said and done, we finished the project on budget and on time so they could enjoy the summer in their new home.